Option Pricing Models (Black-Scholes and Binomial) 

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Free trial index, futures and stock options analysis Excel addin with Black-Scholes and Binomial pricing models - software used by Professional Traders

OptDrvr  OptDrvr - Options Calculator (ver 11.4) is used by professionals to price stock options, index options, futures options and warrants. The calculator handles American and European style call and put options with or without dividends, determining fair values, implied volatilities and risk sensitivities. Risk sensitivities (also known as hedge parameters or "Greeks") include deltas, gammas, vegas, thetas and rhos. Free trial download ...

Option models include:-

The Black & Scholes adjusted model can be used to price options using the Black Scholes model but adjusting for dividends.

Has improved checking, performance and dividend handling including the addition of annual dividend growth to help when pricing longer dated options where you would like to adjust the dividend yield each year. 

All models are accessed by the driver function OptDriver, allowing the user to easily switch between the different option types and models. Thus users can effectively compare options, making OptDrvr an invaluable training aid for novices, whilst being a powerful what-if options analyzer & trading tool for the more experienced options trader.

Spreadsheet template provided which highlights all the features of OptDrvr together with what-if analysis and charting. Users can customise the template or write their own spreadsheets to price options and manage portfolios. Users can also take advantage of all Excel features such as fetching option details & position information from a database or price data from a real-time feed via DDE before using OptDrvr for risk management analysis.

OptDrvr is developed for optimal performance, ease of use and to behave just like any other Microsoft Excel function such that similar to Microsoft Excel functions, OptDrvr can be called from Excel VBA macros, or by using the paste function wizard found by selecting "Insert => Function..." from the Excel menu, or by entering the function directly into the cells.

OptDrvr is used by Professional Traders.

Please feel free to try any of our products free of charge for a period of 30 days. After this evaluation period has ended, you should register the software if you wish to keep it or otherwise delete it from your disk(s). We welcome orders from private home users and offer discounts for our desktop products to such clients, but please note that a personal home user license is intended ONLY for personal home use by the individual who purchased it and any commercial use is illegal.

OptDrvr currently only supports Excel (32 Bit version) on Windows platform. However Mac users can still use OptDrvr if they have Windows and Excel running on the Mac using Parallels or Boot Camp.

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OptDrvr - Option Models (ver 11.4)

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