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Financial calculators and charting software for Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 2005, Windows Mobile 2003, Pocket PC 2003, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC, Phone Edition, Handheld, HP iPAQ, Dell Axim, O2 XDA, Palm Treo, LOOX and many others - Free trial downloads are available.

Manufactures / Platforms we support We Develop
HP iPAQ | Compaq iPAQ | HP Jornada Windows Mobile 6 software
Dell Axim | O2 Xda | Symbol | Acer Windows Mobile 6 Classic software
Fujitsu Pocket LOOX | BenQ | i-mate Windows Mobile 6 Professional software
Palm Treo | Orange SPV | Hitachi Windows Mobile 5.0 software
T-Mobile | Audiovox | Toshiba | Mio Windows Mobile 2005 software
Casio | Samsung | Vodafone | Dopod Windows Mobile 2003 software
NEC MobilePro | E-TEN | Qtek | Asus Windows Mobile 2003 SE software
  Pocket PC software
This  is not a definitive list. in general  Pocket PC 2002 software
we support most if not all Windows  Pocket PC 2003 software
Mobile & Pocket PC devices. You can  Pocket PC Phone Edition
always download a free trial version to  Windows CE software
check if your device is supported. Handheld PC software

FIS-WinCE Suite (ver 7.4) includes:-
Pocket Genesis Charting & Technical Analysis (7.8)
Portfolio Manager and Quotes Downloader (5.1)
Mortgage, Lease and Loan Calculators (5.1)
Foreign Exchange Currency Calculator (5.0)
Option Calculator (5.2)
Futures Calculator (4.2)

FIS WinCE Suite has accredited software approval from HP - Compaq and is part of Microsoft's Finance Initiative

FIS WinCE Suite (v 7.4)                    Download User Manual
Intro. Offer $95
Free Evaluation Copy
Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003
Windows Mobile 2003,  Windows Mobile 2003 SE<
Windows Mobile 2005, Windows Mobile 6 Classic
and Windows Mobile 6 Professional devices

MIPS, SH3, StrongARM & XScale processors

Free trial

Handheld PC Pro devices

H/PC CE 2.11 for MIPS, SH3, SH4 & StrongARM

Free trial

Handheld PC 2000 devices

MIPS & StrongARM processors

Free trial


Pocket Genesis   Pocket Genesis - Charting and Technical Analysis

Ported from our desktop version Genesis, Pocket Genesis is a stock charting & technical analysis system that includes an historical quotes downloader and assists in investment decisions by analyzing data using a complete set of models, filters & charting tools. The system supports all instruments from every financial market and can also be used to chart and analyze any other kind of data.

Pocket Genesis has improved user interface, can read in data files and provides Internet connectivity so data can be retrieved from the Internet or Intranet and charted directly in Pocket Genesis without the need for any browser or intermediate data repository. Users have the option to either enter any Internet or Intranet URL from where to retrieve the data from, or use the URL builder to fetch FREE data from Yahoo Finance.

The system incorporates the most widely used charting models, with fully customisable charts & save/restore features, allows drawing trend & channel lines, with options to filter data, export data and Zoom in/out graphical capabilities. Read more and screenshots

PortMgr   PortMgr - Portfolio Manager and Quotes Downloader

PortMgr is a portfolio management system that keeps track of all your investments, including stocks & shares, mutual funds, bonds, futures and options, with support for every financial market and no restrictions on the number of portfolios that can be monitored or on the number of positions per portfolio that can be entered.

PortMgr incorporates three price update mechanisms, allowing users the option to manually update prices, automatically update portfolios by reading in price files or automatically update portfolios via the Internet using FREE quotes data from Yahoo! Finance

The system has no restrictions on number of long and/or short positions entered, unwinds full or partial positions, provides save/restore facilities, exports portfolios in CSV file format and automatically recalculates for any portfolio changes. Read more and screenshots

MrtgCalc   Mrtgcalc - Mortgage, Lease and Loan Calculators

Mrtgcalc is an easy-to-use loan calculator allowing users to analyze and manage all types of loans including but not restricted to mortgage loans, property home loans, auto car loans and student loans. Mrtgcalc supports lease loans and includes the much-awaited Loan Amount Calculator, Interest Rate Calculator and Loan Term Calculator alongside the popular Monthly Payment Calculator.

Users can enter, edit and store unlimited numbers of loan calculations. For each loan, Mrtgcalc will show the Monthly Payment, the Cost of Loan and a full Amortization breakdown detailing the Capital Paid, Interest Paid, Outstanding Loan Balance, Total Capital to date and Total Interest Paid to date for each month, whilst allowing capital repayment scenarios to be entered and providing save/restore facilities. Read more and screenshots

pFXcalc   pFXcalc - Foreign Exchange Currency Calculator

pFXcalc is a foreign exchange (FX) currency calculator (converter) allowing users to determine and manage all their money and travelers checks conversions. pFXcalc (ver 5.0) supports Internet update as well as manual update of exchange rates and allows previous FX calculations to be modified without the need to re-enter the inputs again.

The system supports exchange rates for all countries, has no restrictions on the number of FX calculations that you can enter, edit or delete, takes care of any commissions, and provides a save & restore facility so that calculations can be stored for later reuse. For each FX calculation, pFXcalc will show the Name, From Amount, To Amount, Commission (if any), FX Rate, Date and Time. Read more and screenshots

 OptCalc   Pocket Optcalc - Options Calculator

Ported from our desktop version OptDrvr, Pocket Optcalc allows the evaluation of options which are American or European, Calls or Puts with or without dividend details. Calculates option fair values, deltas, gammas, vegas, thetas, rhos, implied volatilities and WhatIf scenarios. Option models include Black-Scholes, Black-Scholes adjusted and Binomial. Read more and screenshots

 FutCalc   Pocket Futcalc - Futures Calculator

Ported from our desktop version Futcalc, Pocket Futcalc allows the evaluation of Futures fair values, deltas, thetas, rhos. premium, basis, index value and implied dividend of the future. The index value is what the underlying's spot value should be given the futures price. The implied dividend shows how the futures fair value differs from the market price. Read more and screenshots


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